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Steven & Yvette Huestis

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Steve - 01/16, Yvette - 11/30


February 3rd

Sending Church:

Northeast Baptist Church - Independence, MO

Mission Agency:

BIMI - Chattanooga, TN

Mission Field:

Church Planting


Steve was saved when he was five years old. At the time, his parents were serving as Bible translators for an Indian tribe. Growing up on the mission field, Steve had ample opportunity to be an active part of his parent's church planting ministry.

After completing his high school work, Steve moved to the States in 1977 to attend Tennessee Temple University. While at Tennessee Temple, Steve made two of the most important decisions of his life. The first decision was the result of watching a play featuring the lives of John and Betty Stan. During the play the Lord spoke to Steve's heart about being a missionary himself and Steve responded to the call.

The second most important decision Steve made at Tennessee Temple came about after he met a young lady by the name of Yvette who was raised as an Air Force kid. The Lord knit their hearts together in love and they were married in 1984 before going to Brazil as missionaries.

Together, Steve and Yvette have been active in church planting, door-to-door evangelistic outreach, and teaching others how to be soul winners. We regret that the Huestis' cannot be with us due to previous engagements they have with other churches. But we are proud to consider them as one of our own missionaries.